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Thane skin Centre is a dedicated dermatological centre for treatment of skin, hair and nail diseases.
Located in the heart of Thane city, at Rammaruti Road, Thane skin centre is a specialist dermatological centre that caters to all kinds of dermatological disorders.

The centre is headed by Dr. Vinay V.Gopalani, a Diplomate of the National Board in Dermatology and Venereology.

Dr. Vinay V. Gopalani has more than a decade of experience in dermatology practice.

His special interests include pediatric dermatology and use of ultraviolet light ( phototherapy) in dermatology.

Thane Skin Centre was founded in 2002 to fill a lacunae in Thane city. There had been no full time specialist centre providing complete dermatological and venereological care in thane city.

The centre provides facilities such as Cryotherapy ( use of liquid nitrogen for benign skin lesions), Phototherapy ( availability of narrow band Ultra violet B light therapy) and Radiofrequency cauterization,  to name a few.

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