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Skin Care for normal skin

Here are some tips to take care of your skin.
  1.  Do cleanse and moisturise your skin daily.
  2. Use cold or tepid water for baths.
  3.  Do keep baths short; soaking your skin for half an hour is really abusing it.
  4.  Do use sunglasses with side shields.
  5.  Do wear loose fitting and light coloured clothes to help your body breathe
  6.  Do wash your face twice a day with a suitable soap or facewash.
  7.  Do remember to pay particular attention to folds of skin during a bath.
  8.  Do facial exercises daily or alternatively have several laughs a day
  9.  Don’t use harsh soaps or detergents on the face
  10.  Don’t cement in your pores with layers of powder if you have oily skin. It will trigger breakouts.
  11.  Don’t wear heavy makeup or makeup that runs due to perspiration.
  12.  Don’t wear makeup to bed no matter how tired you are.
  13.  Don’t use heavy night creams. They clog pores and cause puffiness.
  14.  Don’t use chemical makeup removers. Preferably, use muslin cloth (which can be washed and reused) dipped in vegetable oil to remove eye makeup. Or use cleansing milk.
  15.  Don’t venture into the direct sun without proper protection. Use an umbrella or widebrimmed hat. Use chemical sunscreens only if physical protection is not possible

Skin care in Babies

.Best practices for infant cleansing (European consensus panel made recommendations )

Liquid cleansers are preferable to water alone

Liquid cleansers cleanse and hydrate skin better than water alone.

Liquid preparations, which often contain emollients, are preferable to cleansing bars.

 Liquid cleansers should contain adequate and appropriate preservatives

An “ideal cleanser” is one that does not cause irritation, alterations to skin surface pH, or eye stinging.

Skin care in the elderly

The skin in an elderly person requires special care and precaution. Skin in an elderly person is thin and unable to hold moisture, making it dry and therefore it is prone to infection.

A n adult skin should be cleaned with a very gentle soap containing lipids. Liquid cleansers are better than soaps.

Moisturiser should be applied immediately post bathing. 

Minor injuries should not be neglected and immediate remedial measures should be taken.